Terms & Conditions

All members and clients must abide by these rules otherwise membership may be withdrawn. NicFit reserve the right to change these from time to time in which cases notices will be displayed throughout the building.

  • Membership:
  • The membership is not transferable and must only be used by the registered member. Any misuse of the membership will result in the membership being cancelled.
  • All memberships are for a minimum of three months.
  • NicFit reserve the right to cancel any membership in breech of rules or conduct which in the view of NicFit is offensive to customers and / or staff or represents a health and safety danger.
  • Gym and club facilities:
  • Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted access to the club unless they are part of a session.
  • All gym users must book online or sign in at reception on every visit.
  • All users should dress appropriately at all times.
  • Members are advised to bring a sweat towel and a water bottle to ensure sufficient fluid is consumed.
  • All gym users must wipe down equipment and return it to the correct storage place after use.
  • All gym users agree to appear in any photos and videos used by NicFit for advertising purposes.
  • Free tea and coffee is available to members and 1:1 clients only.
  • Cancellation Policy:
  • One week passes are non-refundable.
  • Members must give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel a group or 1:1 session.
  • Monthly 1:1 bookings can not be rolled over to the following month if a session is missed.
  • You must give 24 hours notice to cancel a 1:1 session or you will be charged in full.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for a 1:1 session you will have to reschedule the session and pay the full fee.
  • NicFit has the right to end your session if you are not in a fit state to participate.
  • One months notice must be given in writing to cancel your membership.
  • You will not be permitted to start a new membership for a minimum of three months once you have cancelled.
  • Payment:
  • All payments must be paid to NicFit 24 hours before your session.
  • Payment must be made by BACS.
  • Memberships and pay monthly 1:1 sessions must be paid by standing order to be taken on 1st of each month.
  • Sessions booked with any Personal Trainers other than Nicki Rook and Nikki Palmer must be paid to them directly and NicFit will not be responsible for any sessions that are paid for and not supplied by that Trainer.
  • Price:
  • 1:1 Personal Training sessions will be charged at £30 per hour or £115 per month, £25 per 45 minutes or £95 per month and £17.50 per 30 minutes or £65 per month.
  • Massage sessions will be charged at £45 per hour, £35 per 45 minutes and £27.50 per 30 minutes.
  • Membership monthly costs: £38.50.
  • There is a £20 joining fee for any new membership.
  • All sessions, block bookings and packages must be redeemed 3 months after the purchase date.
  • KidFit:
  • Parents are to complete forms on behalf of the children they are registering.
  • Parents must ensure children registered abide by the rules. If not, this may result in your children being unable to attend kidfit and membership will be terminated with immediate effect.
  • Parents must register children online prior to booking and complete a par-q on behalf of the child.
  • MemberS are able to use gym facilities during kidfit sessions.
  • As the registering parent you are responsible to ensure your child is wearing the correct attire for gym based fitness as well as ensuring they have a water bottle.  Water is available from reception for £1.
  • By registering your child online, you consent to your child taking part in the KidFit activities.  A copy of our parental consent form is available upon request.
  • Parking:
  • Parking is available in the designated spaces at the front of the building or along Lisle Avenue
  • No liability is accpeted for loss or damage to vehicles or property and is left solely at the owner’s risk.
  • Lost Property:
  • Lost property is kept for a period of 6 weeks before being disposed of.
  • Health and Safety:
  • Smoking is not permitted on the NicFit premises.
  • All members and clients must inform staff of any medical condition which may affect their use of the facilities.
  • Whilst using the facilities all members are responsible for their own health.
  • No pets are allowed into the facilities with the exception of Guide Dogs.
  • A Pre-activity Readiness Questionnaire must be filled out and signed prior to commencing any training with NicFit.
  • NicFit will not be held responsible for any accident that may occur when the client is training independently.
  • Members using the gym independently must request a full induction of the equipment before use and not attempt any exercises beyond your ability.
  • All members and clients should be aware of other gym users and not obstruct them in any way.
  • Equipment must be put away in the correct storage place after use.
  • Members or clients must not use the equipment without the supervision of a NicFit trainer until you have had an induction.
  • Lockers
  • Lockers should be used for the storage of personal items at all times. NicFit is not liable for the loss or theft of any personal belongings. For security reasons and for the benefit of all members, all lockers must be emptied at the end of each session. All lockers will be checked and emptied at the end of each day. Any items found will be disposed of immediately.

COVID-19 Guidance


o Please ensure that you have registered on our website and pre-booked your session.
o If you feel unwell or are showing any symptoms, then please do not attend.
o Sessions can be cancelled through our website at any time but please give 24 hour’s notice wherever possible to allow others to book the slot.
o All memberships and payments must be made online prior to your session.  We will not except cash.
o Please use the parking spaces provided but do not enter the gym until your session is due to begin.
o Bring a sweat towel with you to each session and take it home at the end of your session.  Avoid wiping your eyes, mouth and nose.
o Bring your own water bottle to each session and take it with you when you leave.
o Please keep all of your belongings with you at all times.
o For each room please enter the building through the left-hand door and exit through the roller shutter door.
o Use the hand sanitiser provided when entering and exiting the building.  You may also bring your own.
o Our changing rooms will be out of use, but you may use the toilets.
o Move clockwise around each room to get to your training area.
o Maintain social distancing throughout.
o Leave the building as soon as your session time is up.
o We recommend that you wear a face mask, but this is not compulsory.
o A full risk assessment will be available to view within the gym.


Group sessions

o All of our group sessions will take place in the main gym.
o Spin classes will be limited to 20 people and all other classes will be limited to 11 people.
o Spin bikes will be set out with a minimum of 1 meter between each bike.
o All bikes will be cleaned by our instructors before and after each class.
o During MilitaryFit, Boot Camp, HIIT and Boxing you will have a 2 square meter training area with your own equipment.  
o All equipment will be cleaned before and after each session by our instructors.  


GymFit sessions

o GymFit sessions can be pre-booked on our website and there is a maximum of 6 people per session.
o You must clean all of the equipment you use before and after use.
o NicFit staff will do another clean after the morning sessions and again after the evening sessions.

Personal Training 1:1 or Group sessions

o These sessions will take place in the Red Room during busy periods.
o Please wait outside for your PT to get you prior to your session.
o Your PT will clean all of the equipment used before and after each session.

By signing your Par-Q form you are agreeing to, and bound by the terms and conditions of NicFit Personal Training. A full copy of our terms and conditions is available on request.