Sam Smith

I used to have a love-hate relationship with gyms. I knew I should go, I enjoyed the feeling of being fitter and more active, but my problem was I found gyms mind-numbingly boring. With limited direction and little or no encouragement. I joined other people wandering about from one piece of equipment to the next hoping it was doing some kind of good. Making excuses and reasons as to why I’d ‘go tomorrow’. A friend of mine suggested trying a spin class at Nicfit, I decided to give it a go… I couldn’t walk the day after but kind of liked that..after all it was never going to be easy! Nicfit is totally, TOTALLY different from any other gym I’ve been to. From the moment you join you are treatred as a friend, not an inconvenience. “Both Palmer and Rook have got to be two of the most motivated and upbeat people that I have ever met and this is what has kept me motivated to continue… Their infectious positivity is what you need in the morning! I find myself frustrated when I miss a training session and really feel like I’m missing out! Although I always liked to think I was fairly fit, I wanted to push myself even further and decided last year to embark on a 6 week challenge that the gym offer… 6 weeks of both a tailored exercise and nutrition plan. Ultimately my goal was to lose weight and tone up. I’m now a dress size smaller and way way fitter than I was, still masses of room for improvement, and that’s why I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! I would encourage anyone to try Nicfit… it’s a way of life for me now and that’s something I never ever thought i’d hear myself say! ?